I facilitate leaders and teams to narrow their focus and reach their goals.

Project Management


You've got an idea, you've got a business case, or a solution, Fearless Facilitation has the experience of building, bringing to market, and running your new project until you have the capacity to add it back to your fold.

If you wait to launch your big idea, someone else will beat you to it.

Don't wait. Expand your capacity to launch your new product/program/project now. Hire Fearless Facilitation to start it for you.

Values are the Foundation

Fearless Foundations
  • Focus on Possibility
  • What's Your S.A.A.G.
  • Dive for Deeper Meaning
  • Get a Seismic Values Upgrade

Going Deeper

Strategic Direction
  • Check Your Project's Vital Signs
  • Name Your 'A' Game
  • Where You At?
  • Where Do You Want to Be?
  • Plan to Advance

Maximize Your Impact

Government Relations
  • Your Government S.A.A.G.
  • Who to Connect With?
  • Find Your Leverage Point
  • Reach More People

"We all know fear, but Passion makes us FEARLESS"      -P Coehlo